Basic Wash – $5 per foot
Exterior wash, soap/water, mold removal and bottom cleaning.

Detailed Wash: $8 per foot
Exterior wash, soap/water, all compartments including bilge and under console cleaned of all mold/mildew and debris. Bottom cleaned with pressure washer and cleaned with On/Off or Rust Aid to remove river stain and/or barnacles.

Full detail wash and wax only: $12 per foot
A basic wash with application of wax on all exterior fiberglass surfaces and polishing of all bright work.

Full detail wash, wax and compound: $15-$20 per foot
Detailed wash with Compound and Wax application for removal of oxidized fiberglass and applying a shine.

Wet sanding or fiberglass restoration: Talk with Manager to get a quote.

Boat/Engine Servicing: $65.00-$75.00 per hour
All servicing on motors or electronics etc. is billed at an hourly rate.

Canvas Services: Provided by RM Designs. Please contact Bob at 843-333-2943 for appointment.


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